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We've just turned 3!

Posted by Cartoonous Team on

YAY! Cheers for the new shop and our very first blog post!

We have survived the terrible 2 and now entering the tricky 3 level. Lol!

This venture isn't easy but surely lots of fun with unlimited creativity, artistic efforts, and chocolate overload. It all started with a passion and a dream to make everyone smile.  To mark our 3rd year, we partnered with manufacturers in the U.S., Europe, Japan, and China. We listened to our customers and sourced out only the best materials to deliver the finest products to your home.  We integrated a DIY (custom image upload) system to our original products so you could see how it will look like from the front, side, and back. We always want our personalized drawings to be matched with only good quality items and service. That's our promise.

So, what are we blogging? Many things are already lined up.  We are planning to have a series of drawing tutorials from different artists around the world. We will also start featuring magnificent works not only by our in-house artists but other promising young cartoonists as well. We will also have some artists' interviews and probably feature some clients and partners.  A drawing competition is scheduled on the first quarter of 2019 to encourage more children and youths to draw and express themselves through various caricature and cartoon style. We hope to inspire more people and continue to be ambassadors of peace. We will be adding new products every week. Plus, we have game developers who will add exciting games to the site for everyone to enjoy. So please make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to receive all our surprises first hand.

As we continue to grow, we will keep searching for promising artists to join our team. If you know someone, please let us know or tag us (and them) through our Instagram or Facebook page.

To all our hundreds of customers over the years. Our heartfelt THANK YOU!  

Do you have anything you want us to talk about or do you have a special product request? Contact us. We would love to hear your feedback.

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