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Artists United! Creative Tribute to Stan Lee (RIP)

Posted by Cartoonous Team on

Stan Lee, the greatest superhero-maker of all time, has left many artists, Marvel moviegoers and hero fanatics saddened by his passing.  Stan was an American writer, editor and publisher who co-created the famous characters Spider Man, Ironman, Hulk, Black Panther, and Dare Devil, to name a few.

As a tribute to Stan, thousands of artists have mourned this great loss and relived the man in their artworks.

We handpicked the creations that stood out among millions of submitted hashtags (#stanlee) and give credit to the makers below. Here they are. Enjoy!

RIP Stan Lee. 

Camilla d'Errico 

Mauricio Abril

Stan Lee

Markell Waters

Christian Angelo Carpio

Giancarlo Di Domenico

Horace Haughton

Giuliano Ceolin

Aaron Mard

Juanelo Castañeda

Prasad Bhat

Efraín Malo

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If you've seen another fantastic work, inform us or add them in the comment. 


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